Brenda Gesell, Ph.D.
                               Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
    Individual and Group Psychotherapy                                                                                 License No. 43151


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Dr. Brenda Gesell

1000 Quail Street, Suite 155
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Are you exhausted by self-criticism and trying to gain the approval of others? Do you often ignore your feelings and sacrifice your own needs to accommodate the people around you? Would you like to stop judging yourself so harshly?

Achieving more is not the answer. Working harder and looking better are not the solutions. You are good enough right now. Your feelings and needs are just as valuable as anyone else's. 

I would like to help you learn to honor your feelings and express your soul's inner truth. I specialize in helping people learn to accept themselves, let go of shame and live authentically. 

Call me for a free phone consultation today at 714.421.1975. 

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